PyScript, a probable game-changer technology in web development!

I.E.U. Juboraj Naofel
2 min readMay 9, 2022


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Have you ever wondered if we could use python just like we are using JavaScript in HTML documents to build websites for browsers? Well, it is no longer a dream!

Anaconda’s CEO Peter Wang presented PyScript, a dazzling new technology that allows users to write Python and other languages in the browser. It was presented at PyCon US 2022.

This could be a complete game-changer. Especially for the people who are involved with Data Science, ML, AI and also want to do web development. Python is very easy to learn and flexible language. Python has many third-party libraries that make literally any code implementation fast and easy. With PyScript we can use python in HTML documents!

Imagine you are writing HTML documents that include scripts that use libraries like matplotlib, pandas, SciPy and all the libraries that are available in python. This is a power that we wanted to achieve as python lovers for so long time.

PyScript, developed by the Anaconda, a team consisting of Peter Wang, Fabio Pliger, and Philipp Rudiger.

Peter said ,

“A system for interleaving Python in HTML (like PHP)”

This opens a new door, where you can write and run Python code in HTML, use PyScript to invoke JavaScript libraries, and use Python for any web development. In fact, it has the potential that PyScript will enable us to put codes that are written in any language inside an HTML document. I repeat again, it will potentially support not only python but also most languages like Go, C++, C and many more….

We no longer need to be concerned about deployment using PyScript. The “architectural shift beyond the cloud” is provided by PyScript. Everything will take place within your browser.

As data scientists, you may distribute your dashboards and models as an HTML file that, when opened in a web browser, will run code. Sounds amazing right?

So, it is a probable game changer in web development that will bring new possibilities. But as it is a new technology, we have to wait for the future to see the effects of PyScript in our development life!

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